How to Marry a Rich Man With Kids

wedding with kidsMarrying a rich man takes quite some work, and finding one who already has children should get you ready for more work to do. But if you like children and you can always find a way to get along with them, then the children can be a great advantage for you. Rich single men are still men, even if their banking accounts look a lot better. They don’t have the whole set of natural skills to take care of children as women do, and they also have a busy schedule. So they would appreciate a person who can take this load off their back, be gentle and understanding with his children, and keep them happy. This is what you need to know, if you want to find out how to marry a rich man.

The reason you need to work a bit harder is that you have to give him the proper attention as well, when you are together. And do your best to tend for the children and get along with them. You will still have to be that femme fatale, but without exaggerating and with a lot of common senses and good taste. Diplomatic, carrying, a good listener and a supportive person, someone who can offer that man the peace of mind he can’t find anywhere else. If you want to get him for good, you must show him that you do not want him for his money, and carrying for his children is not something you have to do, but something you enjoy doing. Saying “thank you” and being grateful for everything you receive, offering the support and comfortable moments, not by calling him every hour to ask if he ate, but being there for him when he comes home or requires your attention. Once you manage to show him that he and his children are more important to you than money, you have an open path to his heart.

Carrying for children that are not yours can be a challenge. And not because you have a problem with that, but often, children have the tendency to feel that someone else is trying to take their real mother’s place. And they have a hard time accepting that. You might encounter some hostility and resistance at the beginning of the relationship with his children. Although, it depends very much on the age of the children, the reason their mother is no longer with them, and the way they were brought up until that age. Being patient and trying to prove them that you can be their best friend, never get upset and being ready to forgive them when they go wrong, can pay results. But again, not everything may work out right from the start, and a period might be needed, and patience, for the children to accept you in your life.

If you really are into that rich single man and can picture your life with his children inside it, then you probably are ready to take any challenges. Trying to earn the trust, admiration and respect of a rich man is not easy. And when you think you succeeded, you still have to continue working on winning the same things from his children. But if this is the life you wish for, with patience, commitment and loyalty, just like in other types of families, you might just succeed to marry a rich man, even if you don’t have an excellent financial situation.