Don’t Try to Control Your Rich Single Men

control rich men

Don’t Control Rich Single Men

Men, in general, function by following simple rules. They appreciate respect, support, and understanding and, yes, intimate relationships. And, in general, they don’t like to be controlled. You will need to play smart if you want to keep your rich single men close, and that is not by trying to control his actions or his life. Remember, rich single men are not easy to control since they dealt with more powerful adversaries than you, to get where they are. And they are very aware of this aspect. They know they have the power, abilities and mind to achieve any goal they’ll set. So allowing anyone else, their mothers probably being their sole exception, to control their lives is something excluded.

All right, since controlling is out of your option, and you will need to control your behavior instead, you will need to adopt a different strategy if you plan to marry a rich man. You will need to consider two aspects. One, they don’t live like an average man, and I don’t mean here the luxury or financial power, but his busy schedule and being always on the run with affairs. Second, you will always be seen in the beginning as a potential gold digger. You see, these men are used to finding women who will try to enter under their graces and them to try and take over their lives, and fortunes. So, if you are giving the right signals, he will give you a chance, under this presumption, until you can prove him wrong. They are humans after all, and they can change opinions, but you will have to have patience and treat the matter accordingly.

If you think you are a gorgeous woman and you can seduce you rich man in the bedroom, and control him like this, then your strategy is completely wrong. And it’s not because of you because you are indeed beautiful, and rich men do look to have presentable ladies at their side, but it is because of your sexual approach. Yes, men do need sex, but not used as a method to make them do whatever you want. Again, single rich men are not the average men you met before. They can have access to beautiful women whenever they want because a lot of women will do whatever it take, including going into the bedroom, to gain their attention. So something they can obtain so easily won’t be something they would look for at the woman they will want to marry.

Instead, play hard to get and respect yourself, by avoiding intimate relationships. At least until you manage to build a connection between you based on trust. Be supportive and don’t ask where he’s been, since he is late for dinner. Instead, just ask him how his day was and try to make him feel welcomed and at home. Rich men need an understanding woman, who won’t nag them when they arrive late at home after an extremely busy day. Also, if you want to marry a rich man, always show respect and appreciation for everything he does. If they think you are worth the effort, they will do the best they can to offer you everything you need. Thus, never forget to be thankful for that effort and show support and understanding whenever he needs it. You need to be there for your man, not to control his life.