Top 5 Cities in US to Date a Rich Man

If you live in the countryside, chances for you to meet rich men are scarce. Unless, that rich man has an impressive vacation mansion exactly in your village, where he retreats after a busy period. Since something like this is also not very common, the best places to meet rich single men are the great metropolises. Not that the life in the countryside is bad, but these men need to be in permanent connection with their business, resources, business partners, and all the other means that lead to a successful company and a healthy financial state. The following top will show you the best 5 cities in US, where you can date a rich man. Living in such town and getting in the right entourage might get you a rich husband.

  1. San Jose, California

San JoseBeing the largest city in the Silicon Valley, the multitude of technology-related companies that have headquarters here produce a high concentration of wealthy men. So how about getting a job here? Statistics shows that females who live and work in the area have greater chances to stumble upon a rich man after working hours. So this sunny city might be great to marry a rich man.

  1. San Francisco

San FranciscoFor your knowledge, San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world. Regarding the number of billionaires that live here, it is in the fourth place worldwide, after Moscow and New York. So you definitely want to be here, in case you wish to date a rich man. There are not too many of these men here, but some of them do have substantial earnings.

  1. Washington, DC

Washington DCAnother great city, with a lot of rich and single men. It is also the city with the largest number of lawyers, some of them extremely successful. So if you want to aim high and marry a rich man, this is the place you need to be.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

BostonIf you tend to think rich men can be found only in cities with warmer weather and palm trees, you are wrong. Boston is also on the list of cities where rich men can be found. It seems like the cultural and sport connected environment suits rich men to settle here.

  1. New York

New YorkYou probably expected this city to be on the list. It is not in the first position not because of the lack of single men, but because there might not be as many rich single men as the previously mentioned cities. Still, it will remain a great place to start looking for your rich man. So if you like the city that never sleeps, it should be on your list of places to move in.

As you can see, you do have some great options of cities where you can live and increase your chances of finding a rich man to marry. These cities have everything you need, including the opportunity for a great career for you as well, to make your life the way you wanted.

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