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How to Judge a Rich Single Man: Serious or Playboy?

All your hard efforts to date rich men have paid off, as you’ve found the perfect rich man to date. But how serious is he? Is he a playboy around for fun, or is he serious? Before you waste another minute of your time, consider these points, to see if he’s really as into you as he says he is.

  1. rich men playboyActions speak louder than words. Many rich men automatically start the sweet talk, without really paying attention to the words. Does he bring you gifts because he remembered that you love pink roses, and jeweled trinkets, or does he forget and bring whatever he thinks you like? You may think that rich men appear to be listening, when they’re off in their own little world. But a rich man who not only listens to what you’re saying, but actually remembers these details may be the man who’s truly interested in you.
  1. You fit his life. Are there times when you have no idea where he is? Is he not answering his telephone calls? Or perhaps he won’t give you his work number? It’s possible he’s not quite ready to commit, or perhaps he’s being a playboy, and wants to keep you compartmentalized in a small part of his life. If there’s no hesitation on his part to introduce you to friends or family, or give you his full contact details, no matter where he is, he may be a keeper.
  1. He’s available to you. Is your rich man available at a moment’s notice? Perhaps you’re moving, and he offers to lend a hand. He wants to drive you to your appointments. Or, maybe he doesn’t. If he’s never available when you’re in need, this may be a sign that he’s spending a lot of time around other women, who aren’t you.
    1. date rich menHe makes plans in advance. Can your rich man make plans in advance and stick to them? This is a good sign he’s committed. But if he’s a playboy, chances are he can’t plan in advance, and will just pick the best offer for Friday or Saturday night.
  1. He’s supportive of your career. He’ll ask you details about work, and follow up on meetings you were worried about. He’ll encourage you to study and learn. On the other hand, the playboy may encourage you to quit your job, so you can hang out with him all day. Which initially sounds great, but what happens after he dumps you?
      1. He shows public affection. He’s not afraid of hugging or kissing in public, because there’s no chance he’s going to run into another girlfriend. But if he looks anxiously around when you step closer, you may want to find out why.

If you want to date rich men, pay attention to the signals that a man gives you. You never know, out of all the rich men looking for marriage, you may find the right one for you.

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5 Things That May Ruin Your First Date with a Rich Single Man

first date with rich single manYou’ve finally met a Bachelor that you are interested in pursuing.  The plans for a first date and possible romance are set in motion.  If you know that the man you have met is wealthy, then you want to avoid some scenarios during your first date. When you date rich men, the wrong impressions can destroy possibilities for igniting a romantic flame.  Avoiding these five things on a first date helps you achieve the potential for a lasting relationship.

  1. First Impressions Are Everything.

The amount of wealth that one has doesn’t matter when it comes to first impressions.  Make sure you leave a positive idea of who you are when it comes to dating.  Your character will remain present for those you date and can either lead to a budding romance or a dead end.

  1. Watching Your Dialogue with Rich Single Men.

A first date is a good time to get to know the character and ideals of a person.  It isn’t a good time to connect with rich single men and ask how much money they have, what investments they make or other businesses they are involved in.  For anyone with money, this may imply that you are a gold digger or have ulterior motives with your date.

  1. Pick Your Dress Carefully to Date Rich Men.

Even though you are looking at a casual connection for a first date, you want to make sure you leave a positive and striking image that is easily remembered.  Women often tend to focus on the wealth of someone and may overdress or create a different look because of it.  Instead, dress in a way that is authentic while still showing that you have what it takes to date rich men.

  1. Watch What You Reveal With Rich Single Men.

On a first date, it is best not to tell someone of your past, drama or personal issues.  The first time you meet someone, keep it casual and light.  You may also not want to hint that you want to marry a rich man as this is a turn-off and shows ulterior motives.

  1. Don’t Jump to Conclusions.

A first date allows you to enjoy the moment of getting to know someone.  You don’t want to jump to conclusions about anything other than these two hours.  Hinting at a second date, meeting parents or sending messages in the conversation that you desire to marry a rich man may not be appealing and imply too much commitment for a first meet up.

Whether it is a first date with someone who is wealthy or another man you are attracted to, you want to make sure that you leave them with a better impression.  From the style you dress to your chosen dialogue, the right tactic can lead to a second date while igniting a flame of attraction to rich single men.

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Why Don’t Rich Men Marry Young Women Though They Love Dating with Them?

why rich men don't marry young womenThat is an excellent question. We often see rich men walking around with much younger women than them, but none ends up being their wives, no matter how hard these girls are trying. Well, the reasons old rich men are looking for young women can be multiple. One, because they can and afford to, offering them whatever they need, for some moments of entertainment. And two, perhaps just to feed their ego and show to the rest that they can do whatever they wish. Since they are not looking for a wife among these young dates, it is obvious that there can’t be other reasons. For them, is just like owning a brand new car. They ride it for a while, then get bored and take another one. Just because they afford it.

All right, maybe is not fair to compare women to cars, but in most cases they are just accessories for rich single men. And they also accept to date rich men, sometimes regardless of their age. It is not sure if all of them hope for marriage, which will represent their ticket for a better life. But certainly they overlook the age of the man due to the benefits he can offer. Very often, the young girls receive expensive gifts, designer clothes, exotic vacations and many more. And yes, they would probably wish to marry a rich man so that these occasions become permanent. But rich single men, even if they are older, they are not blind at all.

A beautiful young woman is a great treat for any man. They look perfect, they are sizzling with youth, energy, and good will. They are like a breath of fresh air and an occasion for a great time. Probably rich men appreciate dating younger women because they can feel younger again, as they try to please and entertain the young lady. Still, the thought of getting married with one is far from them. No matter how beautiful a young woman can be, an older rich man knows that they are not wife material. Young women do not have the wisdom and patience of a mature woman. They act by impulse and instinct, which can be quite tiring for the older rich man. It is fun once in a while, but to have such a person in the man’s surrounding all the time can become a stress.

young women date rich men for moneyNot to mention that young women are after money, for sure. Otherwise, why would they accept to date rich men who are much older than them? No one believes the love story anyway, at least not from the part of the young lady. They are beautiful and youthful, having the possibility of getting whatever man of their age they want, and still, they go for the old, but rich, one. So yes, this is an apparent reason that older rich man do not want to be a rich husband of young women. The lack of patience, support, life experience and desire to obtain a comfortable living, are what will always drive a rich man away from marrying a younger woman. It is not impossible, but you will need to do a lot of proving you are worthy of becoming his wife, especially if you are much younger.

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5 Things a Divorced Rich Man is Afraid of in a New Marriage

marry divorced rich menWhile marrying a divorced rich man can be an advantage, it may be a lot of work to do, from your side, to convince him you are the right choice. Now that he’s been burned and experienced a marriage that failed, he might be afraid of certain aspects. It would be useful to try and find out, in a very diplomatic way, what went wrong in his previous marriage. Thus, you will have some clues about the “dos” and “don’ts”. Also, it may take you a while to become his new primary interest, but it’s worth all the effort. Divorced rich men have the experience they need to become amazing husbands if you get them to remarry.  So here are 5 things a wealthy and divorced man is afraid of when it comes to a new marriage.

  1. Not to be used for his money

Obviously, this can be a real reason his first marriage failed. Perhaps he fell into the trap of a woman seeking for have a better life, and that’s it. Many so-called “gold diggers” just wish to marry a rich man only to obtain financial benefits. And once they are installed in the posture of wives, they forget all about their husband, starting a money wasting rampage. So you should know that even if he is rich, he is still a man and will demand attention and support from his wife. Not being sure of getting them will make him not want to rush is another marriage.

  1. His children may not get along with the new wife

Having children from the first marriage it is a frequent aspect of divorced rich men. Once they exist, they will occupy a prominent position in the life of your rich man. So you will need to prove you can get along with his children very well. So if you don’t like children, this may be a lost cause for you. He won’t commit to someone that cannot get along or take care of his children.

  1. Being accepted for what he is

Again, he is aware of his financial power, but he also wishes to be seen and accepted as any other person. From the moment you start to date rich men, knowing he is divorced or not, you should not let yourself be seen as a woman in seek for a better life. If you put your rich man in the first place and grant him the attention he needs, you might just get proposed, even if it is the second time for him.

  1. Not finding a supportive wife

Consider that in the first marriage, he might have experienced and nagging and controlling woman. And this is exactly what rich men don’t need. They are extremely busy and running a large business demands sacrifices, like traveling or being late for dinner. If you can understand these aspects, then you might not get your rich man to marry you. They look for supportive and understanding women, and not for the ones that keep account of their every move.

  1. Not getting the peace and quiet he needs

It is enough to see once in what type of environment he is working, for you to understand that he is daily subjected to a considerable amount of stress. Thus, it is understandable why he needs peace and quiet after work. A relaxing atmosphere at home or on vacation can be the best treatment after a busy and stressful period. So it is no wonder a rich man will look for that.


What Makes Divorced Rich Men Decide to Marry?

divorced rich manIf to marry a rich man can be tricky, marrying a divorced, rich man can be even harder. Although, if you succeed, the benefits are higher in the case of divorced rich men than in the case of ones that never been married before. It is not necessarily their wealthy status you will enjoy since all rich single men have it, but the experience of being committed in a relationship and knowing what marriage is all about. Although, you might need to have a bit of patience, and put some effort in it, to convince your rich man that with you things will be better. He will see his past marriage as a failure and might need some time to gather enough evidence to make sure the next one if he will consider it, will not be a mistake as well.

A rich and divorced man can be a real capture if you meet one. He can be the ideal husband since he was already there and know how things are done. He knows how to care for a family, has experience with a wife and can be a great lover in the bedroom. But still, you need to know his past and the reasons why he divorced. Knowing his flaws and accepting them will be easier for you. If you know what went wrong and led to the divorce, you can make thing differently, showing him that he can have what he missed in the previous marriage. It is an excellent way to make divorced rich men think about marriage again.

Also, children may be in the picture as well as a result of his previous relationship. You rich man might be reluctant about marrying you, at least until he sees that his children accept you. So it would be very wise of you to try and befriend his children. Don’t try to spoil them by buying things for them, they probably have everything you need. But if you become their best friend, then it is definitely an advantage. He might see you as a potential wife if you can prove you can get along and take care of his children. Still, do be aware that once married to him, the children will become your responsibility as well. But that does not mean you cannot have a beautiful life and family together with this guy, and his kids.

marry a divorced manRemember that to marry a rich man, even a divorced one, you need to show support and understanding. A divorced rich man needs to know that you are so strong and reliable when he is away with business, that you are able to take care of the house and children. And you need to offer comforting and make his time spend at home pleasant, whenever he arrives from work. Rich men usually work in a harsh and stressful environment, being prepared all the time to face any challenge. So the do look to find a partner that can make his home environment relaxing and soothing. So try to be supportive and never nag him about being late for dinner, if you wish to make your rich man consider a new marriage.

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Top 5 Cities in US to Date a Rich Man

If you live in the countryside, chances for you to meet rich men are scarce. Unless, that rich man has an impressive vacation mansion exactly in your village, where he retreats after a busy period. Since something like this is also not very common, the best places to meet rich single men are the great metropolises. Not that the life in the countryside is bad, but these men need to be in permanent connection with their business, resources, business partners, and all the other means that lead to a successful company and a healthy financial state. The following top will show you the best 5 cities in US, where you can date a rich man. Living in such town and getting in the right entourage might get you a rich husband.

  1. San Jose, California

San JoseBeing the largest city in the Silicon Valley, the multitude of technology-related companies that have headquarters here produce a high concentration of wealthy men. So how about getting a job here? Statistics shows that females who live and work in the area have greater chances to stumble upon a rich man after working hours. So this sunny city might be great to marry a rich man.

  1. San Francisco

San FranciscoFor your knowledge, San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world. Regarding the number of billionaires that live here, it is in the fourth place worldwide, after Moscow and New York. So you definitely want to be here, in case you wish to date a rich man. There are not too many of these men here, but some of them do have substantial earnings.

  1. Washington, DC

Washington DCAnother great city, with a lot of rich and single men. It is also the city with the largest number of lawyers, some of them extremely successful. So if you want to aim high and marry a rich man, this is the place you need to be.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

BostonIf you tend to think rich men can be found only in cities with warmer weather and palm trees, you are wrong. Boston is also on the list of cities where rich men can be found. It seems like the cultural and sport connected environment suits rich men to settle here.

  1. New York

New YorkYou probably expected this city to be on the list. It is not in the first position not because of the lack of single men, but because there might not be as many rich single men as the previously mentioned cities. Still, it will remain a great place to start looking for your rich man. So if you like the city that never sleeps, it should be on your list of places to move in.

As you can see, you do have some great options of cities where you can live and increase your chances of finding a rich man to marry. These cities have everything you need, including the opportunity for a great career for you as well, to make your life the way you wanted.

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Which Kinds of Women Do Rich Single Men Like Best?

gorgeous womanDo you think that marrying a rich man can sort out your problems? But, how will you find such a man and make him love you? Well, you need to make yourself appealing to him. So, what all should you do to marry a rich man? Well, we give you some interesting details, which will help you in finding out what rich men looking for women, seek out.

So, how will you go about dating rich men so that your financial problems are eased out, and you live a peaceful and prosperous life? Well, for that, you need to know what the rich single men want from their women. All the men want almost the same kind of things in their counterparts. Given below are some of the details:

  • Desirable women: Yes, this is the basic thing, and you should try to make yourself desirable, by becoming exciting and interesting. Only looking beautiful will not suffice.
  • Self-respecting women: Rich men love their women to be self-respecting. Women, who take care of their body and appearance, are the most appealing. So, women should take extra care to eat healthy food, dress nicely, do regular exercise, and practicing good hygiene.
  • Educated women: Rich single men want their women folk to be educated, and not be dumb. So, the women should try to keep themselves updated, and keep learning. A good education will help the women in having interesting conversations with the rich men.
  • Cultured women: When you date rich men, you would be expected to be cultured, and gel easily with the cultural events, and other social events. Being knowledgeable about all these things will be a definite plus.
  • Be full of life: Men want their women to be full of life and energy. If women have their own set of hobbies, and pursue them, they can become more appealing to the men.
  • Talented women: If the women are talented, it can again help in appealing to the rich men. The women could pick up a skill, and can even learn cooking. Multi-talented women are quite interesting, and will be great company.
  • Passionate: The women, who are passionate in life, are also quite appealing to the rich men. So, whatever you do, you should pursue it with passion.

So, if you wish to marry a rich man, you should note down all these points, as these will help you in marrying a rich guy.

How to Marry a Rich Man: Tips of Distinguishing Playboys

playboyYou may ask how to marry a rich man. But make sure that you won’t be cheated by playboys before you searching the answers.

Entering rich men dating sites can be exciting and fun, but at the same time you have to be weary because there are many situations in which you will find impostors. Because of that, it’s important to know a few tricks that will help you distinguish the rich single men from the impostors.

Attitude towards wealth

A good and very efficient way to spot the impostors is to check out their attitude towards wealth. Most of the time, if someone is indeed wealthy, he won’t brag about it, or he will mention that only once. Usually, the playboys focus on always telling you how rich they are, with the main purpose being to scam you or make you believe in something that is not real. Don’t think that if you want to date rich men you will find only great guys, but if you check their attitude you will have no problem figuring out if they are scammers or not.


Asking people on rich men dating sites about their occupation is another good way to spot the scammers. Only people in medicine, IT, strategy consulting and privately owned companies have managed to make millions recently, so unless the person you want to date has one of those occupations, chances are that you are talking with a scammer and you need to avoid him at all costs.


Thankfully, when you date rich men, you can easily spot the truth about their wealth if you find out more about education. The more degrees a person has, the chances of telling the truth increase, so keep that in mind at all times.

What he talks about

Wealthy people are most of the time focused on the business side, on what they use to make money, so most of the time they will talk about this. On the other hand, the playboy will constantly tell you that he is the best, that he has knowledge and power, without actually showcasing them. This is the best way to figure out the scammer when you date or at least talk with rich single men. Keep this in mind at all times!

See where he asks you out

While you do meet them on rich men dating sites, at some point you will go for a face to face view. You will be able to spot if the person is rich or not based on where he asks you out. Wealthy persons choose a fancy restaurant, while playboys choose something more on their budget.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to spot play boys when you enter rich men dating sites. Yes, it can be a little tricky to date rich men, but the reality is that only with the help of rich men dating sites you will be able to actually find rich men and especially the one you will love, so don’t give up and visit such a site to find your true love!

What is A Good Rich Men Dating Site

dating onlineDo you want to date rich men? Or you may ask how to date and marry a rich man. Rich men dating sites provide the answer to your needs. These dating sites open the avenue for you to date rich men. With these sites, you can have a live chat to the rich men of your dream.

Rich men dating sites are intended for women looking for rich single men and rich men seeking women. They help many women to do search quickly and find profiles that are complete with photos and a lot of information. A good rich men dating site has many features that help you find a rich man to date.

Live Chat

You can have a live chat with this site. A good rich men dating site is unique over other sites out there,it will help you grab the attention of your dating partner by using live chat.

Join For Free                                                                                                                          

With this rich men dating site, you can join for free. Also all of the features are highly accessible to many online visitors. It allows you to join in the easiest manner in order for you to find the best partner for you.

Easy Search

The members in the rich men dating site can do an easy and quick search for more than 40 persons. When you research in these accessible online websites with rich single men, you can see the profiles which are complete with photos and a lot of information.

Here are the advantages of dealing with good rich men dating sites:

  • Live Chat
  • Easy Search of Profiles
  • Beautiful Lifestyles
  • Provide all the things that you did not experience in your life
  • Experience the life of a queen
  • Successful Lifestyle
  • Allow you to have many friends or peers.

If you are thinking that there are security concerns regarding this online dating site, fret not because good rich men dating websites are designed with high security features. In this way, you are confident that you are spared from the risk of any malice. If you are one of the women out there who are looking for rich men, you should believe that a good rich men dating site could help you date or even marry a rich man. Most of them are free to join, so you don’t need to spend any amount just to register in these sites. What are you waiting for? Join and have a date with a rich man.

There are lots of benefits of dealing with online websites. Not only it allows every woman to find their perfect date through online, but also helps them to save significant amount  which they could possible spend when personally hopping out  there looking for their dates in uncertain real places.

So, what took you so long to realize the essence of taking active part with the community of those who have experienced the real benefit of online rich men dating sites in finding for the right partner in life?


The Wealthiest Rich Single Men in the World

Perhaps, money can’t buy love and happiness, but let us admit the fact that it can spice up the deal, right?

And according to recent statistics, on the thousand numbers of rich men around the world, only 3% of them are already married. That only means that you ladies out there still have the chance to seduce and stalk these remaining 97% of eligible bachelors in the society. Well, it doesn’t count if they are already with a girlfriend. The point here is that they are not yet tied on the knot. But then you need to be well-prepared emotionally as well as financially and be able to stand out on the collection of exes of your target billionaire bachelor.  If you really have that courage in taking the risk and trying your fortune in hooking up one of the rich single men in the world, then be able to identify your first victim in the following list:

  • Nathaniel Rothschild

rich single manHe is the famous descendants of the Rothschild family which is an honored banking dynasty. Any women will probably love the princess-like life that this wealthy single man can give to her. Literally, he has a castle in the United Kingdom, owns the Greek island of Corfu and many more properties around the world. Nathaniel leads in the operation of the family business and known for his very luxurious lifestyle. This 40-year old divorced man is quite rebellious. But if you are that determined to have this man, be sure that you are ready to face a luxurious yet boring life.

  • Albert von Thurn und Taxis albert 

This eligible man is worth $1.5 billion. Well, that is not surprising though. His family holds the largest forest holdings on the Europe. Not only that, you are going to be amazed on the personal background of this one. Imagine, at the age of 28, he already graduated from the brainy economics as well as theology; still he is single and unmarried. How is that then? Unfortunately, when his father died, at the age of 8, he was proclaimed as one of the youngest billionaires in the whole wide world.

  • Teddy Sagi

teddysagiIf you are looking for amazing adventures with a jet-setter, then Teddy is the perfect partner for you. This Israeli is self-made billionaire wherein he found his luck after launching the gaming group known as Playtech during 1999. Recently, Sagi has 50% share in the company. Aside from that, if you are going to marry a rich man, then include him in your list. For sure, you will enjoy his wealth which includes expensive houses in Israel which one of it is reportedly worth $35 million.


These are just few of rich single men. But you need to keep in your mind that to date rich men also means that you need to interfere with their busy schedules, messy interactions with the elite society and other stuffs. The career, looks as well as the size of their bank accounts are the standards that we consider in looking for our soul mate. Though, they are not the most essential factor but when it comes to practicality, it is important.