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Success Stories – Your Soul Mate Is Out There

Story shared by Spice_of_Life and TomTrump, New York/ Florida, United States, May 05, 2015

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Spice_of_Life and TomTrump

There is a legend saying that an all mighty ancient God was feeling all alone, not having anyone to share his joys and sorrows with. So one day, he decided to create a being to be his companion. The being he created was simply perfect. It had the beauty and kindness of a woman, and the strength and firmness of a man. But things did not stay well too long in paradise since the being started to consider itself far much better than its creator. Thus, the God decided to split the creature in half, one half was the woman and the other half was the man, and to scatter them all over in time and space. Ever since them, each half is trying to find its other half and be reunited in one sole perfect being.

I always knew someone what out there for me as well, and always wondered when I am going to meet that person and how would I know it is him. Did I believe in love at first sight? Not really, as it never happened to be before. I thought it was an exaggeration of the too romantic ones. So in my quest to find the other half, I entered a dating site, hopefully that the new technology will help me search in a wider space and gain more time. I did find someone. I can’t say it was love since we were communicating only through text and e-mail, but I can say it was rather awkward that we connected so well. I had the feeling I knew him my whole life. We always had something to talk about, and we continually discovered we had something in common. A desire to meet him for real, and see the real face of this beautiful person to whom I was talking, started to flare inside me.

So we did it. We both agreed at one point that we waited enough. It is time to meet. I must admit I was nervous. My heart was beating fast, I felt a knot my throat and there was an empty void in my stomach. But when I saw him, everything fell apart. I felt a unique chemistry, and I knew that this is what people call love at first sight. My virtual story transferred into the real life, and it was wonderful. A warm and welcoming feeling, like just returning home, I experienced the minute I was next to him. It was the feeling telling me that my search is over, I found the other half and now we are reunited.

Ever since then, my life, and his turned around completely. From shy butterflies in the stomach, our love grew and intensified even more. We are inseparable now. Each step I take with him, each experience we have together, I feel it was enriching my existence. I knew the one I am destined to be with was out there, but I never knew it can be so amazing when you actually find your soul mate. So never lose your hope, because your soul mate is out there.

Thank you “marry a rich man” for providing such services to help us meet each other…it is just a matter of time!