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5 Things a Divorced Rich Man is Afraid of in a New Marriage

marry divorced rich menWhile marrying a divorced rich man can be an advantage, it may be a lot of work to do, from your side, to convince him you are the right choice. Now that he’s been burned and experienced a marriage that failed, he might be afraid of certain aspects. It would be useful to try and find out, in a very diplomatic way, what went wrong in his previous marriage. Thus, you will have some clues about the “dos” and “don’ts”. Also, it may take you a while to become his new primary interest, but it’s worth all the effort. Divorced rich men have the experience they need to become amazing husbands if you get them to remarry.  So here are 5 things a wealthy and divorced man is afraid of when it comes to a new marriage.

  1. Not to be used for his money

Obviously, this can be a real reason his first marriage failed. Perhaps he fell into the trap of a woman seeking for have a better life, and that’s it. Many so-called “gold diggers” just wish to marry a rich man only to obtain financial benefits. And once they are installed in the posture of wives, they forget all about their husband, starting a money wasting rampage. So you should know that even if he is rich, he is still a man and will demand attention and support from his wife. Not being sure of getting them will make him not want to rush is another marriage.

  1. His children may not get along with the new wife

Having children from the first marriage it is a frequent aspect of divorced rich men. Once they exist, they will occupy a prominent position in the life of your rich man. So you will need to prove you can get along with his children very well. So if you don’t like children, this may be a lost cause for you. He won’t commit to someone that cannot get along or take care of his children.

  1. Being accepted for what he is

Again, he is aware of his financial power, but he also wishes to be seen and accepted as any other person. From the moment you start to date rich men, knowing he is divorced or not, you should not let yourself be seen as a woman in seek for a better life. If you put your rich man in the first place and grant him the attention he needs, you might just get proposed, even if it is the second time for him.

  1. Not finding a supportive wife

Consider that in the first marriage, he might have experienced and nagging and controlling woman. And this is exactly what rich men don’t need. They are extremely busy and running a large business demands sacrifices, like traveling or being late for dinner. If you can understand these aspects, then you might not get your rich man to marry you. They look for supportive and understanding women, and not for the ones that keep account of their every move.

  1. Not getting the peace and quiet he needs

It is enough to see once in what type of environment he is working, for you to understand that he is daily subjected to a considerable amount of stress. Thus, it is understandable why he needs peace and quiet after work. A relaxing atmosphere at home or on vacation can be the best treatment after a busy and stressful period. So it is no wonder a rich man will look for that.