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Fantastic Honeymoon with Your Rich Man

marry a rich manSo you finally made it. You proved your rich man it was a wise decision to marry you, so he did. For your benefits, hopefully, you did not play a role just to get hooked. Rich or not, marrying the wrong man will eventually make you unhappy. Pursuing a marriage just for material advantages usually doesn’t come out right, as many cases of such couples proved in time. It may be tempting to think that having all the comfort and facilities you always wanted will make you happy. This may be true, for a little while, since money never buys happiness on a long term. But forgetting about moral advice, you now must head on your honeymoon with your rich man. So make the best out of it.

When you marry a rich man, choosing a traveling destination is no longer a difficulty. He can afford almost any wild dream. Of course, do pick out the honeymoon destination together, so both of you can enjoy. You can make a suggestion if you have places you always dream about visiting, but do ask for his opinions as well, to make sure he will have a great time as well. By now, if you’ve been a very attentive future-wife-to-be, you should already know his preferences and dislikes. Thus, you would find out if he likes the beach or the mountain if he is an adventurous type or he just wants to lay back and relax. But whatever you do, now that you are a married couple, you need to do together, including choosing the destination. Unless he asks you to take care of this aspect on your own, due to his busy schedule. Still, do make some time to present him your findings and making sure he will agree with the final decision.

After making the appropriate planning and prepare to leave for your honeymoon, do make him feel spoiled and cared for this period. It is the best time to show him that he indeed made a great decision by marrying you. Wealthy men are usually very busy, so occasions like this, when you can spend some quality time together in private, may not be that often. Thus, you can take advantage and bond and feel great together. Also, you must arm yourself with patience since he may have to answer his phone, rather often, regarding his business. When you marry a wealthy man, you somewhat marry his job also, since by working hard and dedicating a large part of his time he ended up being this rich. So avoid getting angry or upset if he will have to take short periods to manage his business over the phone. It will be much more relaxing and comforting for him to see that you are understanding, supportive and calm. After all, this is the life you chose to live.

During the honeymoon, do try to make as many activities together as possible. And these do not necessarily mean to go shopping and drinking lemonades on a terrace. Go sailing, diving, hiking, skiing, nature watching, whatever is available in your vacation resort or traveling destination. Doing activities together is like team building, it will help strengthen your relationship and offer you unforgettable moments.