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Why Don’t Rich Men Marry Young Women Though They Love Dating with Them?

why rich men don't marry young womenThat is an excellent question. We often see rich men walking around with much younger women than them, but none ends up being their wives, no matter how hard these girls are trying. Well, the reasons old rich men are looking for young women can be multiple. One, because they can and afford to, offering them whatever they need, for some moments of entertainment. And two, perhaps just to feed their ego and show to the rest that they can do whatever they wish. Since they are not looking for a wife among these young dates, it is obvious that there can’t be other reasons. For them, is just like owning a brand new car. They ride it for a while, then get bored and take another one. Just because they afford it.

All right, maybe is not fair to compare women to cars, but in most cases they are just accessories for rich single men. And they also accept to date rich men, sometimes regardless of their age. It is not sure if all of them hope for marriage, which will represent their ticket for a better life. But certainly they overlook the age of the man due to the benefits he can offer. Very often, the young girls receive expensive gifts, designer clothes, exotic vacations and many more. And yes, they would probably wish to marry a rich man so that these occasions become permanent. But rich single men, even if they are older, they are not blind at all.

A beautiful young woman is a great treat for any man. They look perfect, they are sizzling with youth, energy, and good will. They are like a breath of fresh air and an occasion for a great time. Probably rich men appreciate dating younger women because they can feel younger again, as they try to please and entertain the young lady. Still, the thought of getting married with one is far from them. No matter how beautiful a young woman can be, an older rich man knows that they are not wife material. Young women do not have the wisdom and patience of a mature woman. They act by impulse and instinct, which can be quite tiring for the older rich man. It is fun once in a while, but to have such a person in the man’s surrounding all the time can become a stress.

young women date rich men for moneyNot to mention that young women are after money, for sure. Otherwise, why would they accept to date rich men who are much older than them? No one believes the love story anyway, at least not from the part of the young lady. They are beautiful and youthful, having the possibility of getting whatever man of their age they want, and still, they go for the old, but rich, one. So yes, this is an apparent reason that older rich man do not want to be a rich husband of young women. The lack of patience, support, life experience and desire to obtain a comfortable living, are what will always drive a rich man away from marrying a younger woman. It is not impossible, but you will need to do a lot of proving you are worthy of becoming his wife, especially if you are much younger.

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